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The value of values

Rich Hickey

The value of values

Rich Hickey

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03:14 Mutable objects are nothing more than abstractions over places.

04:10 Place-Oriented Programming: new information replaces old

05:27 Born of limitations of old computers. Those limitations are long gone.

Memory is essentially an open system and an associative system. It is not an address based system.

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10:00 Comparability is where we derive our ability to do logic and to make decisions.

Values are immutable and values are semantically transparent.

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11:37 Value Propositions:

More code equals more bugs.

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20:11 Facts are values, not places. They incorporate time.

Fact — an event or thing known to have happened or existed.

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21:35 Knowledge is derived from facts by comparing and combining, especially from different time points.

22:19 You cannot update a fact, because you can’t change the past.

Information systems are fundamentally about facts.

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23:00 Don’t use process constructs for information.

23:56 Information is not a little machine.

26:02 Programmer I.T. uses value-oriented systems: source control and logs.