Functional Reactive Programming

Having had a very good experience in building a website using Functional Reactive Programming I want to learn more about it. So I created this page for collecting definitions, explanations and reading material about it.

What is Functional Reactive Programming?

The essence of reactive programming is encapsulation of state changes.


The essence of functional reactive programming is to specify the dynamic behavior of a value completely at the time of declaration.

Heinrich Apfelmus

This stackoverflow question also has a very detailed answer by Conal Elliot with more links and papers I haven’t read yet. Another definition extracted from this thread is the following:

The basic idea behind reactive programming is that there are certain datatypes that represent a value "over time".

Laurence Gonsalves

Additionally I highly recommend reading Kris Kowal’s in-depth General Theory of Reactivity.

How does it look like?

Philipp Roberts gave a talk demonstrating how FRP code written with Bacon.js is implemented in JavaScript.