JavaScript Books

These are the books that helped me the most learning JavaScript. They taught me its flaws as well as its good parts.

Effective JavaScript

David Herman

This book is perfect for developers that want to learn JavaScript. Every chapter reduces the number of common misconceptions one probably has coming from an object-oriented language. It teaches you the basics in the shortest and most precise way I have found.

You don’t know JS series

Kyle Simpson

This book series teaches JavaScript inside out. I recommend it for experienced JavaScript developers. Especially “this & Object prototypes” is an eye-opener if you haven’t worked with prototypal inheritance before. I equally enjoyed “Async & performance”, which focuses on newer features like Promises and Generators.

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

John Resig

The creator of jQuery put a lot of experience into this book. I like that it starts by focusing on JavaScript’s first-class functions. Although I had read other books about JavaScript I learned new aspects that weren’t covered elsewhere.