I deconstruct and then improve complex systems to enable positive sustainable change for people.

Currently I’m improving systems at diesdas.digital in Berlin. According to MIT, I also worked at one of the smartest companies in the world called Improbable, where I built debugging tools for distributed simulations with JavaScript and TypeScript. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Media from the Stuttgart Media University.


Oct ’17
over 3 years


Head Of Development

I build the engineering culture I’ve always wanted at diesdas.digital. This means mentoring, reviewing pull requests, having regular 1on1s with everyone, doing pair programming, setting up workshops to learn new technologies, recommending books, writing internal wiki pages and being around for questions.

I also defined our development hiring process at diesdas including creating programming tasks which the applicants need to solve during their interview for various programming languages. The process is run by the whole team and I’m usually taking at least part in one of the steps.

Also I work together with our clients to figure out the best technical (or non-technical) solution for their problem and partner up with other agencies we work with.

The rest of my time I spend coding on client or internal projects myself.

There’s a more detailed list in my 2 year recap blog post.

Oct ’15
1 year, 8 months


Software Engineer

My main role was architecting, designing and implementing the Inspector web application. It is a 2D/3D live visualisation and debugging tool for real-time, distributed simulations running on Improbable’s SpatialOS platform.

I’ve initially used JavaScript (ES6) and converted it to TypeScript later. Standard UI elements were built with a React/Redux setup. The realtime visualisation was built with three.js including custom shaders and most.js, a reactive programming library. It’s able to render 1 million entities with 60 fps on a typical laptop with integrated graphics.

My role also included working closely with the design team to plan and design features, giving and receiving feedback and prototyping new features.

Mar ’14
1 year, 7 months


JavaScript Developer

I’ve architected and built most of the frontend code for amaphiko.redbull.com with React and its node.js server to enable server-side rendering and progressive enhancement for high performance in developing countries with high latency networks. 99% of the code is shared on the server and client (universal JS). I’ve published a detailed technical article about Amaphiko’s architecture on Edenspiekermann’s blog.

Unfortunately all other projects I’ve worked on are bound to NDAs so that I can’t publicly talk about them. I’ve built things with a lot of JavaScript, big data sets, visualisations, map interfaces, animations and of course HTML and CSS.

Jun ’13
9 months


Web Developer (bachelor thesis & working student)

I created a JavaScript framework that helps developers building web based presentations for Tower5’s hybrid iPad application. During my thesis I also built an application that allows creating those presentations via a web interface. It can upload slides to a server, create links between those slides and exporting the presentation directly to a customer’s iPad. I wrote the complete frontend and backend code (Laravel / PHP).

Sep ’12
8 months

die Wegmeister

Web Developer (internship & working student)

Jan ’12
8 months


Frontend Developer (working student)

Dec ’11
1 month


Web Developer

worked on maxpart-racing.de

Aug ’11
4 months


Web Developer (working student)