Maximilian Hoffmann

Hi, I’m a German programmer living in London. According to MIT I work at one of the smartest companies in the world called Improbable, where I build user interfaces with JavaScript for distributed simulations. If you want to read my latest thoughts on software development, follow me on twitter.

In the last year I’ve built…

…and some more open source projects.

Written text I’ve published

… and many more.

Save some time and read the JavaScript books I recommend. It’s a collection of the very best from the ones I’ve read. You can also watch my recommended JavaScript talks to increase your knowledge.

Programming is not only about knowing the syntax and semantics of a language. Therefore I created a list of my favorite books about programming and books about management. If you prefer watching videos instead, I collected my favourite talks about programming and talks about software management.

I also tweet links that teached me getting better at programming. Besides building software products I enjoy playing piano, creating electronic music and going to the gym. If you want to get in touch send me a mail. More information about my professional experience is in my CV.

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