Hi, I’m Max.

My passion and my job is building user interfaces that improve people’s lives.

I enjoy what I do and therefore spend a lot of my time reading books, watching talks and publishing thoughts about software and design. My favourite resources about these topics are published on this website, so feel free to explore it and learn something new.

My current role at Improbable is creating user interfaces for debugging tools, which allow developers using SpatialOS to inspect their massive scale simulations. Recently my software was able to smoothly visualise a simulation of the backbone of the entire internet.

Before pushing web technologies to the limit, I’ve built a social network for Redbull, that works on feature phones with bad internet connections and high end devices. Together with my team at edenspiekermann we achieved this goal by rendering the same code on the server and in the browser. I wrote a more detailed article about the technical challenges we faced and our solutions.

If these things sound interesting, you should follow me on twitter. Besides building user interfaces for digital products I enjoy playing piano, creating electronic music and going to the gym. If you want to get in touch send me a mail. More information about where I studied computer science and where I worked before edenspiekermann are in my CV.

Now that you have read this far, I encourage you to read my latest post about how to write maintainable CSS, as I’ve seen too much tightly coupled CSS in my career.