Maximilian Hoffmann

Hi, I’m a programmer from Berlin writing JavaScript full-time at Edenspiekermann. I currently work on Redbull Amaphiko — a platform for social entrepreneurs — built with React and node.js to enable environment-agnostic (also known as isomorphic) rendering.

Most people want to read my post about better font-rendering on OSX. I wish more people would read why I write tests or how to write object-based JavaScript in ES6 though. Maybe you learn something new from one of my other posts too.

As agile is the only way to build quality software I use the same process for my own website and constantly improve it. I do the same for writing and try something I call “iterative blogging”.

I like to tweet links that helped me getting better at programming. My side projects and open source contributions are on GitHub. Send me a mail if you want to get in touch.

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